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Mike UngermanSharing Media

Using your computer to stream media to your home entertainment center

Just about everyone these days has some kind of media on their computer; whether it's pictures, audio recordings, or video. Most likely, the only transferring of media that you've attempted has been to transfer audio recordings to a portable player. Some of you may also have a player that can play videos/movies, and so you've also transferred media that you've downloaded from the Internet to your portable player.

But how about that nice big TV set you have in your living room or den? Whether it's a standard CRT based TV set or a new high definition panel, it may be going to waste when it comes to looking at your collection of pictures, or playing your video clips, whether they are full movies/TV shows or videos that you've taken with your digital camera or cam-corder. .....more

Visit Mike Ungerman's Google site to see the presentation he gave at CFCS's Sunday meeting, Sept 21st. The link is:http://docs.google.com/Presentation?id=df794sg7_10fpts6pdk

by....Mike Ungerman(Past President CFCS)
September 2008

100 Years for Ed Hillstead

Ed Hillstead & Stan WallnerEd Hillstead has paid his dues for mem-bership in the Central Florida Computer Society which he’s been a part of for over thirty years. That’s a long time for a computer club, but even longer for Ed; the next time he pays, he’ll be 100 years old.

As humans go, 100 is not so rare anymore, although you’d still be impressed with Ed. He spends hours each day on his computer, often working with the stock market, but he did give up his square dancing recently. His sage stock market advice: “You never go broke taking a profit.”

When Ed joined the Central Florida Computer Society (CFCS), which meets at the Bahia Shrine on Pembrook Ave. the third Sunday of each month, he owned a TRS-80. There were no IBM-PCs yet, nor Apple Macintoshes. The Apple I had been introduced (at another computer group in California called “The Homebrew Computer Club” with members Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak) in 1976; the IBM-PC came out in 1981, the Macintosh in 1984. more.....

by Robert Black - Editor CFCS - February 2008


The following is from a report sent to APCUG (Association of Personal Computer User Groups) by Stuart Silverman,
a member of both the FACUG (Florida Association of Computer User Groups) and APCUG (Association of Personal Computer User Groups) board of directors.

The report is about our last meeting, a combined FACUG convention and Tech Fair. As you know, the meetings were hosted by CFCS, and James Thompson is president of both groups.

FACUG's Fall Conference 10/6/07 and CFCS Tech Fair 10/7/07

What – no Sunday free breakfast? What no free evening reception? No open bar? What no free PCs?

Well, I don't think anyone ever asked any of those questions – certainly not by the time the FACUG Fall Conference and combined Tech Fair was over. There was so much else! more...


The World’s Best-Kept Secret is that Rotarians Have Been Busy Doing Good Deeds in Their Communities for More Than 100 Years.

Rotary's Good Deeds Were Low-Key
Until They De-cided to Eradicate Polio.

By Carlos H. Giraldo – District Governor 2008-2009

Anywhere Town --- Somewhere in the world, in a community tucked away in any of 170 countries, a Rotary club meeting is taking place. It might be a local restaurant, a church, or a hall - serving breakfast, lunch or dinner. The Rotarians are not there because the food is exquisite; they are there to enjoy fellow-ship and to serve. Little by little, they wander into the meeting place and the din of voices gets louder and louder. It takes a louder ring of a bell to bring the meeting to order. Even so, the conversations and laughter continue until the increasing silence wills everyone to pay attention. The business portion of the meeting starts: introducing guests and visiting Rotarians from other clubs, an-nouncements reeled off by members, including,reports on projects, upcoming events, an update on the health of a fellow member. more.....


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