CFCS to hold first Hybrid Meeting March 13, 2022

The presenter for the CFCS March 13, 2022 Main Meeting is the Swami, an interesting and informative speaker who last entertained us 11 years ago.  His topic is "3D PRINTING: Past/Present/Future..." with  Swami 3DNerd.

“This had better be good!”, 1984. The wife of Chuck Hull (credited inventor of 3D printing) uttered upon being awakened and told to get down to the lab. From "The night I invented 3D printing"’, CNN Business (2014-02-14
...And it was good - Very good! In fact, even Chuck could not predict how good it would become...

In this presentation, we will discover the origins of 3D PRINTING, along with its path to the present, and finish with a look to the future.

The meeting will be live and on Zoom. You may attend live at the 
American Legion Post 183, 
2706 Wells Ave., Casselberry, FL  32730

or on Zoom by registering at

If you are already registered, you need not do so again. It is the same as recent WinSIG and main meeting Zooms.

For those attending in person at the American Legion in Casselberry, the kitchen will be open and those wonderful Grilled Ham and Cheese sandwiches we got exactly 2 years ago will again be available!  And, please RSVP to Stan at and he'll email a map to you.  Masks are recommended. 

Prior to the Main Meeting is the CFCS Windows SIG. Items to be covered Sunday, March 13 at the CFCS Window SIG:

  • Windows 11 now 20 % of PCs
  • How to use Amazon Appstore on Windows 11
  • The best Windows antivirus software for home users
  • Windows 11 will soon have a pre-installed video editing tool called Clipchamp
  • Copy and Paste in Windows 11
  • Fixes for Print Screen Not Working on Windows 11
  • Change a Drive Letter on Windows 11/10
  • Transfer Files From One Computer to Another
  • How to downgrade Windows 11 to Windows 10
  • Much More

The Windows SIG opens at 1:00PM ET and the WinSIG meeting starts at 1:30PM ET. The Main Meeting starts at 2:45PM ET. We hope to see you at the American Legion or on line.