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CFCS in Action

CFCS participates in numberious events during the year.
These Ablums are a collection of Photos and Video of these events and meetings.

To see CFCS members in action Check out the Album Links. Photos Curtesy of CFCS members, Melvin Becker (our official photographer during someof these years), and Hewie Poplock. Video Ken Larrabee

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

Year 2005

General Photos 2005
(Meetings,Events and SIGS)

Year 2004

General Photos 2004
(Meetings,Events and SIGS)

  CFCS BOD 2004 .... by Ken Larrabee
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Year 2003

 CFCS 2003 About us
Video by Ken larrabee

2003 BOD


General Photos 2003
(Meetings,Events and SIGS)
MarketPro Show
(Inside the MarketPro Show) Photos by Gene Lease
Computer Technology Showcase -May 2003


Year 2002

General Photos 2002
(Meetings Events and SIGS)

Spring FACUG 2002 Hewie Poplock & Cheryl Wilson

Computer Technology Showcase -May 2002

Volunteer Appreciation CFCS
Photos by Mel Becker, Hewie Poplock and Cheryl Wilson


Hewie Poplock AwardHewie's Acceptance Speech

Volunteer Luncheon
Jan02 (Hewie's Award Thank You Note)

This note is from Hewie Poplock:

I would like to thank the officers and members for the "Outstanding Service Award" that was presented to me today. I am humbled and extremely appreciative. CFCS has been an important part of my life since first joining in 1987. I have made many very close friends through my associations in CFCS, as well as learning a lot about computers.

I want to personally thank Betty Travis for putting together the Volunteer Appreciation Lunch and Ceremony. She and her family, as well as the CFCS members that helped her, put on a memorable occasion. All of the volunteers and sponsors were honored and enjoyed themselves. It was truly an outstanding event.

The year 2001 was a turning point for CFCS, led by Betty Travis. She worked many, many hours to see that events were successful, new SIGs were organized, and existing SIGs succeeded. At times she placed CFCS before her family and her health, yet she always showed us her friendly smile and great laugh. Betty started several SIGs with great effort and a lot of time promoting and preparing for the meetings. She spent a lot of her time visiting schools and vendors to promote CFCS and obtaining benefits for the members.

Each and every member should personally thank Betty, if not in person, by email. Of course Betty didn't do it alone. She led a team of volunteers who stepped up to the bat when needed. The Volunteer Appreciation Lunch showed us how many people helped and how many great sponsors came forward this past year.

CFCS has moved in new directions and I hope that it continues to do so. I look forward to the new year and the new administration. Every member needs to come forward and help in any way that he or she can.

Although I am not the Society's official photographer, I did take a few pictures at the Volunteer Appreciation Lunch

Hewie Poplock


Ed Heyer

New Horizons
BOD Awards- wmv file 1.30mg


Year 2001

General Photos 2001
(Meetings Events and SIGS)
Spring FACUG 2001 Hewie Poplock

Computer Technology Showcase -May 2001