CFCS Main Meeting Sept 11 2022 John Krout Complete Robocall Defense

The September 11 Main Meeting of the Central Florida Computer Society was a presentation of "Complete Robocall Defense" by John Krout of the Potomac Area Technology And Computer Society John's presentation shows us: How to prevent our smartphone from ringing when someone outside of our Contacts list calls. How to create and install a custom voicemail greeting that includes the Special Information Tones (SIT) to convince robocaller systems that our number is not in service. How to use the free Audacity app to create a custom voicemail greeting, including the SIT recording posted online by the presenter. How a free app for Android enables the installation of a custom voicemail greeting via Wi-Fi. Learn how simple cables allow iPhone users to install a custom voicemail greeting. In 2019, John’s smartphone received about 25 robocalls per week and recorded nearly ten robocall voicemails per week. He applied deterrence techniques to his phone in mid-2020. Using the custom voicemail greeting technique, as of April 2021, the presenter's smartphone now receives an average of 2 robocalls per week and no robocall voicemails.

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