Free Office Webinars from Microsoft

Free Office Webinars from Microsoft

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15 Minute WebinarsMicrosoft offers Free 15-minute webinars about how to use Office programs. New links are added as they become available or you can register for live scheduled webinars.
Here are the recorded webinars. You can register for the free live sessions at the same link. Presentations are at 9:15am Pacific Time, every Tuesday. Topics are posted in advance. You can watch the recordings at any time. Each of them is about 15 minutes.






Windows 8.1

Using Office and Windows 8.1 with a mouse and keyboard

There are some nifty changes in the free update for Windows 8.1. We’ll show how Office and Windows works better together.


10 copy-and-paste ninja moves

There’s a lot more than Ctrl+X and Ctrl+Y for cut-and-paste in Office. Learn these moves.


5 simple ways to clean up Outlook

Clean up your Outlook so you can read, write and move around with less clutter.

Office Online & OneDrive

Starting from scratch with Office Online

Dave has an iPad, Doug has a PC. In 15 minutes we’ll show you how we go from a Gmail email address to having a shared document online.


5 steps to a better PowerPoint

Simple ways that will make your next PowerPoint more effective, including getting rid of those bullet points.


Adding data to Visio diagrams

Visio also can help you visualize data, not only for manufacturing systems or business workflows, but for individuals too.


8 great timesavers in Outlook

Quick ways to get more out of Outlook.

Your computer

3 quick ways to make your computer safer

Understand phishing, strong passwords and other quick things to make your computer a safer place.


Using video in PowerPoint

Embedding and playing videos in PowerPoint presentations including the free PowerPoint Online.

Office 365

What’s an Office 365 Personal subscription?

An Office subscription gets you the latest Office programs and some nifty extras.

Word & PowerPoint

All about watermarks

How to place watermarks in your documents for draft or private docs.


Office for iPad

Showing off Word, Excel, & PowerPoint for the iPad that was released last week.


OneNote for free plus new tools

Part II of our OneNote release will focus on the new tools for OneNote for Windows and other free services.

Office for Mac

Introducing OneNote for Mac

Wish fulfilled: OneNote is now a free download for Macs. We’ll take it for a spin.

OneDrive & Office Online

Working with Office Online and OneDrive

We’ll show you what the Office Web Apps have become to create, share, and store your documents for free online.


Understanding Power Pivot

Power Pivot lets you import massive amounts of data from different sources and mash it together to create useful reports. Now that you have started in, lets show you more.

Perceptive Pixel

How Office works on an 82-inch touch screen

See a demo of how these large touch screens from Perceptive Pixel can be used with PowerPoint & Excel for brainstorming, collaboration, and interactive presentations.


Creating Forms in Word

Locking fields, customizing, and using a template to create forms.


What is Yammer?

See how this private social network helps your company stay connected, share information & ideas. Free advance registration now open.


OneNote for iPad

A tour of the free OneNote App for iPad, your digital notebook for capturing what’s important.


Paper handouts for PowerPoint

How to do them and our guest, presentation expert Rick Altman, will show you ways to avoid “handout hell.”


Office 1-minute timesavers 

Here are very quick tips that can save you a minute, or even hours in many Office programs.


This year I’m going to learn about…

Here is some of our best content for the things you want to learn this year including handle your email, working with Pivot tables. Ask us live, we’ll show you where to start.


Cool tools for your computer

Two stocking stuffers: some free downloads that can make your computer more productive: the new Office Remote and the veteran Mouse Without Borders.


Top 10 tips of 2013

We’ll look at all of our webinars of 2013 and pick out the best, speediest, coolest, and most worthwhile tips for you.


The big update for the OneNote Windows Store App

For touch devices, the Windows Store App for Windows 8 has some great new features including capturing (and searching) pictures and whiteboard captures.

Excel Online

The latest features of Excel Online

See how to work with others at the same time using Excel Online, plus see the most recent features.

Word Online

What’s new with Word Online

Here’s how to use the free Office Online, share documents, and the latest features for Word.


OneNote for (holiday) planning

How OneNote can be used to keep track of those lists you are checking twice,  a big project, or even tag To Do’s in Outlook.


Intro to Access 2013

If you’ve never used Access before, this webinar will get you up and running in just 15 minutes.

Office 365

Office 365 for non-profit organizations

Office 365 is now available as a donation to qualified nonprofits. Find out what you can get and how.


Tips for college papers

We’ll give you some ace tips for completing that term paper, including formatting and references.


Using animation in PowerPoint (without being dorky)

Animations can help drive a point home, but if you’re not careful, they also can seem so silly your audience will feel like 6-year-olds.



Some simple reminders you can do at your computer to make sure things like wrists, backs, and eyes stay comfortable, plus some hardware to help.


Project: Tracking work in Project

After you’ve created your tasks and work estimates, it’s time to set a baseline before the project gets rolling.

Office Mobile

Office Mobile for Android

Learn how Office 365 subscribers can work with Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents with their Android phones.


Using Presenter View in PowerPoint

How you can skip slides, use a pointer, and see your notes privately while presenting.

Office 365

How big business gets Office 365 up and running

We’ve put together the information medium to large companies need to roll out Office 365 to their employees.


Create a timeline in Project

Let’s do some organizing before the Project officially kicks off. We’ll cover milestones, subtasks, and timelines.


Running meetings and webinars with Lync

How Lync 2013 works in meetings including white boards and polls. Plus a look behind-the-scenes look of how we do a webinar on Lync.


Why use Styles in Word

The benefits include moving large sections, changing looks instantly, and building a table of contents.


Waterfall of Office tips & shortcuts

Get ready to be bowled over by a huge flood of awesome tips and tricks that’ll save you gobs of time.


New ways to manage your family calendar

Use Outlook to manage your family’s birthdays, soccer games, and social events. Different colors for different people. View by week, or by month.

Office Online/OneDrive

Working with Office Online

The latest features plus a review of how to get started with the free browser-based versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.

OneNote, Office Online

Back to School with Office Online and OneNote

Get your OneNote shipshape for the upcoming year, how to work on the dreaded team project, plus discounts for students & teachers.

Office Mobile

Office Mobile for iPhone

Learn how to access, view and edit your Office documents with this new app for iPhone users.


Assigning resources in Project

We covered the basics last time. Now let’s go deeper into adding resources and tracking progress.  


Travel with OneNote

As summer heats up, will show you how to track you plans in OneNote, including a free download. Plus we’ll with chat with travel blogger Kristin Luna from Camels & Chocolate and answer your travel questions.


Get started with Project

We’ll demo the basics of Microsoft Project so that you can get a project done on time, on budget, and hopefully stress free too.


Simplifying Your Excel Data

Conditional formatting, Quick Analysis feature & making better charts for presentations


Special: Organizing and Sharing with OneNote (at MVA)

This two-hour special is online at the Microsoft Virtual Academy and requires free registration at their site. This fast-pace course is designed for technology professionals looking to use OneNote more. Video also available at Channel 9.

Education/OneDrive for Business

Office 365 Education and OneDrive for Business

Business and educators using Office365 can access and sync documents. Also learn of the free version of Office 365 for educators.


OneDrive desktop app: Easily move your stuff to the cloud

OneDrive is not just for the web browser. You can also download a handy desktop app that appears right alongside your computer’s files and folders.


5 top Office training courses + tips from an Office trainer

We’ll show you the most successful training courses available for free at Also professional trainer Vickie Sokel Evans will share her favorite tips.


A beginner’s guide to SharePoint

Store documents, create team sites, and learn the ropes of an Office 365 SharePoint site for business.

Office 365 Home Premium

Your questions on Office 365 answered

We’ve been collecting your questions and comments about the new Office that you have left us at We’ll dig through the top items including installing Office on multiple devices.


Get Started with Visio

Creating top notch diagrams is easy, that is, when you’ve got a grasp on the fundamentals of Visio shapes. We’ll cover those, plus we’ll show you some tips and tricks for working with shapes.


Sharing with OneNote

OneNote can quicklycapture your notes and ideas. Here’s a few ways you can share your notebooks, even on mobile devices and iPads.

PowerPoint & Visio

Org charts in PowerPoint and Visio

A staple of business–the org chart–can be done in Office. We’ll even show you the advantages of using Visio.


Sharing calendars into Outlook

Want to place your calendar next to your work one? We’ll show you how and import other calendars into Outlook.


Freeze and lock Excel panes

Working with a huge spreadsheet? We can show ways to master all that real estate.

Office 365 Small Business

What is Office 365 Small Business Premium?

On February 27 Office 365 for small and large businesses goes on sale. We’ll show you the advantages of buying (or trying) it and some of the new features.


What you need to know about PowerPoint Slide Masters

We’ll show you the value of creating a Slide Master when making a PowerPoint deck.


Tips from Microsoft MVPs

MVPs are independent third-party professionals that Microsoft recognizes for their exceptional achievements. We will get their tips for Office and Windows.

Office 365 Home Premium

MVP Special: Favorite new features

A Monday afternoon special from the MVP Conference in Redmond. We’ll be presenting a regular webinar on favorite features in the new version of Office.


Setting Margins in Word

Get that Word doc looking the way you want with different size margins and other formatting advice.

Word & Publisher

Creating Business Cards

Need a business card quickly? We’ll show you how to make one in Word–plus offer ways to make them more vital. Also: why you should try creating in Publisher.

Office 365 Home Premium

Get to know the new Office

The features and benefits of subscribing to Office 365 Home Premium you’ll want to know about.


Using sounds in PowerPoint

Adding sounds to a presentation can and impact or becoming annoying. We’ll show you how to tastefully add sounds including how to trigger them with animations.

Word, PowerPoint & Outlook

Working with Photos in Office

Insert and adjust photos, remove background, enlarge pictures and wrap around text. Plus a new tool in PowerPoint 2013.


Spell Check and Proofing a doc

We’ll dive into the tools in Word to polish your document spit-spot. We’ll show how to change AutoCorrect and Proofing options.


Reviewing and copyediting in Word

How to work with the Review tab in Word, including Track Changes. Plus, a look at the upgrades in Word 2013.

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