April Meeting

Speaker - Andre Klass, from Refresh Computers

A discussion about Refresh Computers and what it offers; how refurbished laptop or desktop  PC's come with Win7, upgradable to Win10, and that they be upgraded at no additional charge if it is requested.  Also, what has been Refresh's experience with Win10?  What options are available regarding transfer of data from an old PC...
ALSO, an educational piece on how to decide on what computer to buy,  and what Refresh's experience has been with  people selecting say an i7 to do primarily email, music and photo tasks.
And, if time is available, guidance about how to use a computer, favorite utilities, Anti-Virus, Malware,...

About Refresh Computers:
Refresh Computers is the lowest price MAJOR BRAND computer reseller in the USA. We understand the necessity of providing affordable “refreshed,” or “refurbished” computer systems, as well as new high quality computer systems at the lowest possible price.We don’t load your computer with pop-ups or advertising like some other retailers. We ensure you get a clean, ad-free, pop-up free machine with a fresh installation of Windows with every machine sold.

All Windows based machines come with Microsoft Security Essentials preloaded for your anti-virus protection. With Microsoft Security Essentials, you never need to pay for anti-virus again and all updates to your anti-virus software are absolutely free.We are proud to be a certified Microsoft Refurbisher, which means we meet the rigorous guidelines Microsoft wants PC refurbishers to comply with.

All of our refreshed computers are sold in top notch condition. Since we are one of the few refurbishers who can meet Microsoft’s high standards, we have the privilege of providing you with an original, genuine copy of Microsoft Windows, while still keeping our prices very low.Also, Refresh Computers is dedicated to providing you with quality repair work for your laptop or computer using the regions lowest repair prices.

Refresh Computers is part of a bigger organization, A1 Assets, which is also the parent company for Technology Surplus Depot, an online auction house serving hundreds of government agencies and corporations across the southeastern USA.

Sunday, April 10, 2016 - 2:45pm to 4:30pm

Seminole County Library

215 N. Oxford Rd
Casselberry, FL 32707
United States
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