Facebook, How to Get started Safely

Sunday, March 16:

Many people do not use Facebook for several reasons. Many are extremely concerned about their privacy and fearful of sharing information with the wrong people. Most of these people are not aware of how they can enjoy Facebook nd limit their vulnerabilities and exposure.

Hewie Poplock will show the many favorable uses of Facebook, and how you can connect easily to many old and new friends and places. He will also show how to use Facebook’s settings to protect your information, while enjoying the service. He will show you how you can be a “lurker” or be active and yet be safe.

This presentation is aimed at those not using Facebook. However, those who do use it will gain some insights and will update their settings knowledge, as well as be helpful to those around them who have been hesitant to join Facebook.

Earlier on the same day of each presentation, the WINDOWS Special Interest Group (SIG) meeting is held. The WinSIG always meets at 12:30 pm, and is hosted by Hewie Poplock, former president of both CFCS and FACUG, and author of Hewie’s Views and Reviews. Hewie will start at 12:30, just before the CFCS mGeneral Meeting. If you use or plan to use Windows, these discussions, demonstrations, and Q&A sessions will be of immense value to you. Geared to intermediate level Windows users, tips, tricks, and information on all versions of Windows are discussed. An e-newsletter is sent

Sunday, March 16, 2014 - 10:00am to 6:00pm

Orlando Day Nursery

626 Lake Dot Circle
Orlando, FL 32801
United States